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The Titanic

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was in many ways a historical icon. She served in the minds of many people and is today continuing. Since the discovery in 1912, lead by Dr. Robert D. Ballard in conjunction with the French team IFREMER, people around the world has wanted Titanic information.
The Maiden Voyage of the R.M.S. Titanic was a historical event. The ship was sailing through heartship, grief, and misery. The ship was breaking new borders and shattering all records of size and luxury. However, for the maiden voyage, the ship was to make an impression on the people that sailed in her. For this, James Bruce Ismay of the White Star Line, the company that owned the ship, ordered special items for the ship, such as, ashtrays in the lavatories, and a potato peeler in the first class galley. These items were needed after the maiden voyage of 's sister ship, the Olympic.
sailed from Southampton Ireland with ease. With a cheering crowd that turned up to see the ship off and to see off their loved ones the tugs playfully nudged the bow, and was off! The ship pulled around the corner and was greeted by only a couple of ships, the New York and the Philadelphia. All of a sudden, the moorings for the New York snapped like gun shots and the New York was ripped from the dock from the wake of . Closer and closer the stern of the New York got to the proud and still gleaming hull of the finished Titanic. Everyone watched in horror as the ship's stern came ever closer to the hull. However, with some quick thinking from the captain, Captain Edward James Smith had been chosen to accompany for her maiden voyage, ordered a full astern on the starboard wing thrusters. There is a wash from the props as the stern of the New York is pulled to safety.
The Cherbourg trip was only to pick up more passengers and mail. Tenders had to be used here for 's hull was too deep for any of the docks, as well as the Lusitania, Olympic, and the Mauritania. For this, the tender Nomadic was chosen to bring passengers and mail to . Here, the famous millionaire and his wife get on. This millionaire is Colonel John Jacob Astor and his wife, Madeline.

The next day the Titanic was at Queenstown on her last stop before anyone would ever see her again for eighty years. The ship was tested on the way there. Captain Smith ...

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