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The Symbol of the South

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The Symbol of the South


The Symbol of the South The battle flag of the South stands above the capitol building in Columbia, SC. It waves proudly, echoing the lives and blood of men who sacrificed everything they were, and everything they had for something they believed in. They fought valliantly and bravely to protect their homeland, and to gain independence of the Union. The flag stands there, not as a symbol of hate, racial inequality, or blood-thirsty war, but as a symbol reflecting the rich South and the men who gave everything for it. Black and white, Indian, Irish and English, so many fought in the war. Blacks stood, shoulder to shoulder, with white men. Their blood is embedded as deeply as any white man's in the flag of the Confederacy. We all bleed red, the blood of many races were mingled on those ghostly battlefields when the smoke cleared. Removing the flag from where it has stood for over 60 years would be like saying that all of those men had given their lives for naught. Perhaps it would not have been best for the South to have won the war, but we should respect and uphold the men who fought so bravely for their cause. The mistaken idea that the Civil War was about slavery is one of the many causes that the flag's right to be above the capitol is questioned. This mistaken idea often causes problems between the races of this state. Slavery was wrong. I would never try to justify it, because it can not be justified. It was simply wrong, God made us all equal. A human being was never intended to be treated like an animal, animals even were not meant to be treated like slaves. Slavery is a sensitive area, but the flag does not reflect this. The war was about the South's right to make it's own laws, and to be free from the ...

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