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The Stanford Prison Experiment

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This is hard question to answer. I would like to think that I would be a nice guard, having a neutral respectful relationship with the prisoners. On the other hand I think the guards had their own responsibility to appear to be authority figures. The experiment may have went differently if all the guards were more passive or timid. Truthfully, there's just no way of knowing which guard I would be. One of the guards in the experiment said that he never dreamed he would be capable of treating people that way but in that setting, under those stressful circumstances he did and seemed to be ashamed to a degree. 3) It could've been a number of things. They may not have wanted to seem weak to the other guards. It may have been so that the prisoners wouldn't notice that the individual was kind of the weak link, giving them the opportunity to take advantage of it somehow. It was an experiment, and All the individuals were thrown into these situations, I would venture to say that most people would ...

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