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The Sacred Divine

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I believe the Divine sacred is something more powerful than anything on earth.
Not necessarily in a physical sense but more in a spiritual. I feel that the
youth of today, more than any other time in the world's history, needs to know
something about what their parents and ancestors have found in religion. As we
look at today's youth we see a decline in good Christian values or in a better
sense the falling away from the good life Jesus has taught us. I remember when
was a little boy my father always made me attend every funeral that happened to
family or friends, even if I didn't know them. I remember always asking my
father if the deceased went to heaven or hell? My father would always tell me
if the deceased was a member of the church, followed the ten commandments, and
followed the good life taught to us by Jesus, he was enrolled for heaven. If
the deceased had never went to church, broke some of the ten commandments, and
did not follow the good life, he was consigned to hell. Myself as a six-year-
old I never wanted to go to hell. I remember what my Sunday school teachers
told of this place where you live in a a fiery pit always in pain. I'm sorry,
but that just doesn't sound like fun to me. I ...

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