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The Roswell Incident

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CP-11 Period 6

Thesis: The Roswell Incident, which enlightened our minds to the
capacity of excepting, has remained one of the most
controversial issues issues today.

I. Introduction to Extraterrestrials
A. Standpoints on Extraterrestrials
1. Society's
a. Past
b. Present
2. Government's
a. Past
b. Present

II. Roswell, New Mexico
A. What Exactly Happened
1. Who Discovered the Wreckage
2. Discoveries
3. Bodies
B. Testing in Roswell, New Mexico
1. Military Testing in Roswell

III. The Cover-up
A. Wreckage
1. UFO
2. Bodies
B. The Weather Balloon
1. The Balloon
a. Composite of the Balloon
C. Witnesses
1. The Nurses at Roswell, AAF
2. The Yearbook

IV. Alien Autopsy
A. Bodies
B. Authenticity

V. Conclusion
A. Controversy Continues
B. Final Thoughts

The Roswell Incident

The Roswell Incident, which enlightened our minds to the capacity of
excepting all, has remained one of the most controversial issues today. In
Roswell, New Mexico, 1947, a strange occurrence arises. An alien craft from
outer space crashed in an open field. The issue lay still for almost thirty
years, until the thought of a government cover-up arose.
Society's opinions have changed over the years. Previous to the 1990's,
people have despised the thought of sharing the universe with other intelligent
life forms. Now people are interested in this mysterious phenomenon. People
think it is the blame of the movies and television. By watching this, people are
at a level at which they understand. Not only do these movies entertain, they
inform people about the little information we obtained from the government.
The thought of government cover-ups have been long discussed. The
government has always, in the past, tried to keep any sign of aliens, whether it
be pictures from space, to crashes on earth, to a low or nonexistent level. Just
recently has the government been harassed to the point where they actually gave
us clues to alien existence. It has in some ways been believed that the
government has worked in partnership with popular movie directors, to produce
alien movies to ease the thought that we may not be alone. Such movies as 'The
Arrival' and the ever popular 'Independence Day' are very good examples of well
convincing alien movies. If this is true, they did a good job, because
statistics state that 75% of people today believe that there is some kind of
intelligent life forms besides ourselves in the universe. That is very
convincing compared to the 20% whom believed 25 years ago. ' New opinions are
always suspected, and usually opposed, without any other reason but because they
are not already common.' (MacGowan 261)
A local New Mexico rancher, MacBrazel, while riding out in the morning
to check his sheep after a long night of thunderstorms, discovered a
considerable amount of debris. It created a gouge several hundred feet long and
was scattered over a large area. Some of the debris had strange physical
properties. He took some debris to show his neighbors then his son. Soon after
that he notified the sheriff. The sheriff then contacted the authorities at
Roswell Army Air Field Base. The are was closed off and the debris was
eventually flown by B-29 and C-54 aircraft to Wright Field in Dayton, Ohio. A
New York Daily News article says '...either conclusive proof extraterrestrials
have indeed visited earth, or one of the most elaborate hoaxes ever perpetuated
on the public.....' (Dominquez). Besides the wreckage that was found, there
were three objects which were highly debated about. Three bodies, two found dead,
the other to die in a couple of weeks. Whether or not the bodies were actually
found, is only determined by the few witnesses who claim to have seen the bodies.
A few of these people turned out to be very highly respected military officers.
Some people say that the bodies were human which have been exposed to the
radiation. This radiation could have been caused, due to nuclear weapons that
Roswell Army Air Base had been testing, since they were at the time the only
squadron which had authorization to nuclear weapons. This theory was discounted
by most, saying that this kind of deformation would have caused a human being to
die before such damage could occur. Albert Einstein once said: '....I am
convinced that, there is an absolute truth. If there can't be absolute truth,
there cannot be a relative truth.' (MacGowan 289) The government has been blamed
with covering up this whole event. They have been claimed to have shipped off
the wreckage to Dayton, Ohio, to avoid publicity. Which is normal, to prevent a
worldwide panic. The bodies however, were not as lucky to have not become public,
The government has, and will always say that the wreckage found was a
secret spy balloon. The people who have seen the wreckage, and believe that's
what it was, describe it as a bundle of tinfoil, broken wood, ...

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