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The Root Of Western Civilization

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The classical heritage of Western Society consisted of four major
religions; Jewish, Hebrew, Greek, Christianity. They each contributed
abilities to the Western Civilization known today. The area of these
religions extended along the Mediterranean Sea, Asia Minor, and the
northern tip of Africa and were based around the years 200 to 600AD. The
routes of Western Civilization were functional.
The first root of Western Civilization, Christianity was a
religious group that had beneficial useful techniques. Christianity first
came into play when the Roman authority had almost completely diminished.
This religion had a belief in one God. The conquerors of Rome accepted
Christianity as their religion, as well as all of Rome's culture.
Christianity was widely spread throughout the Roman Empire by groups of
missionaries led by the Apostles Peter, Paul and John. All of the people
who had previously practiced the Roman religion now would practice
Christianity. The expression, 'Love thy neighbor' was a very essential
lesson for the Christians. It formed their bases of living (Fenton 34).
The Christians were using maintainable operations. Many people who had
learned about it through missionaries were following this religion. The
missionaries spent long hours and put forth much effort in their attempt to
spread Christianity. This would take a while because of the broad size of
the Roman Empire and the so little few of the missionaries. However, there
were many conversions to Christianity within short period so this religion
In the Western Civilization Society, the Hebrews were a culture
that kept their maintenance in effect. In the Book of Exodus, Yahweh chose
Moses to guide the slaved people in Egypt to Palestine. Yahweh destroyed
the pursuing Egyptian army, a sign of his great presence. Moses was also
given the Ten Commandments and other laws which was the basis for the
Jewish beliefs. Yahweh had guaranteed his people the promised land in
Palestine. The chosen people moved there and joined other tribes already
present and soon overthrew the Caananites to eventually find their own
nation. The prophet Isaiah told the Jewish people that a messiah would
come to stop the suffering of the Jews which brought about brotherhood (p.
29-30). The Greeks were utilitarian. They showed practical interest in
their society. They were given the Ten Commandments for a special reason;
that they were the chosen people. Yahweh chose to guide them to ...

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