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The Right To Life

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Social Issues

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Life is a right held by all creatures on the universe,
everything has life; however, everything also has it's own character or
individuality. Every person is his or her own self and does what he or she
wishes to do to a certain extent. Many people are opposed to an individuals
decision on life they should realize that in America people have the freedom to
do what they want.

In Roman times, abortion ans the destruction of unwanted children was
permissible, however civilization's aged and now there is a huge controversy
about who chooses. In the 1970's the Roe v. Wade was tried in the U.S. Supreme
Court. 'Jane Roe' took the District Attorney of Dallas county to the Supreme
Court because she wanted an abortion and was not legally permitted to have one
where she lived. She could not afford to travel elsewhere to have it "preformed"
so she went to court. On January 22, 1973 the Supreme Court said that it was
legal for any woman to have an abortion and terminate her pregnancy at any given
time. The Roman Catholic Church has said that abortion is murder and violates
all terms of human morality. My personal opinion lays between that of the Roman
Catholic Church and the Supreme Court. I believe that a woman should have the
right to an abortion only if she was raped and can not afford to have the child,
or if she does not know who the father is. If the woman just want's to have an
abortion for no reason, believes that the baby will be born with a handicap, or
will be born with a ...

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