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The Reign Of Terror

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was caused during the French Revolution which
led to a lot of hardships, for the people and the government. This paper
will include the issues that occurred during , and the
key people involved. The involvement's of the French Revolution, during
this period of time, and the events that occurred during this period of
Maximilien Robespierre had been elected by the National Convention
to the committee of public safety. This Committee made ruthless use of it'
s power and execution of those suspected as adversaries to the French
Revolution. Robespierre wasn't the starter of the reign of terror, his
popularity attracted many people including the Jacobins. Robespierre's
praise of the system of revolution led people to believe that the Terror,
instead of being monstrous, was laudable. Under Robespierre and the
Jacobins, the number of executions rose every month (21 in September of
1793, 59 in October, 61 in November, 68 in December, 61 in January of 1794,
77 in February, and 121 in March); and the Paris prisons held 8,000
prospective victims. Opponents to the Terror held that the victims were no
longer the clergy or the aristocrats, but rather ordinary citizens accused
of hoarding, profiteering, or one of the various offenses included under
the Law of Suspects. In 1794 the dictatorship of the Committee intensified,
but from fear, not popular support. Executions continued to increase (258
in April of 1794, 345 in May, and 688 in June) and differences in the
Committee became dramatically. And on July 27, 1794 Robespierre was
shouted down from the national convention while giving a speech to answer
attacks against his policies. Because his speeches were so aggressive it
caused people to fear for there own safety. Cries of 'Down with the tyrant'
were raised and Robespierre was arrested and then decreed. Then on July 28
Robespierre died on the guillotine, along with his other supporters, eighty
more followers of Robespierre were executed the next day.
Another cause of the reign of terror had to have been the french
revolution. Because during the French Revolution is when the Reign Of
Terror hit. The French Revolution began in 1789 and ended in 1799. In the
French Society there were 3 Estates or groups they were called the clergy,
nobles, and the peasants. The clergy were the priests, monks, etc. The
nobles were the merchants, traders, mainly the common people. The last
group were the peasants, and farmers or the working people, and they were
basically everyone else. . This was how the French society was organized.
Each group had a problem with each other and never got along. Each group
ended up having to pay a certain amount of taxes, and the working people
paid the most. Some causes that led to the revolution were the ideas that
the people had. The three ideas were absolute monarchy (unlimited authority
by the king), divine right (when the monarch ruled under God's authority),
and freedom, which was government by the people. These were ideas that were
brought to the king.

In 1789 the king called the estates to a meeting to form a National
Assembly where all esates joined as one, and it became known as the Tennis
Court Oath. The people saved the National Assembly from being done away
with by the king.

Under the Assembly it drafted a construction of limited monarchy,
and divided France into 83 The third estate asked for a constitution but
was refused by the king and the other two estates. Later the king ordered
the troops to break up the assembly. Then ...

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