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The Publics Right To Know

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The Constitutional responsibility of the press is to inform the
public. The First Amendment comes into direct conflict with the rights and
responsibilities of media coverage. There is a fine line between personal
privacy and . The constitution overrides the
option of privacy beside the amendment of freedom of speech or freedom of
the press. Freedom of the press is to be guarded as an inalienable right of
the people in a free society. Freedom of the press carries along with it
the right to discuss, question and challenge the actions of our government
and of our public and private institutions. Journalists hold the right to
verbalize unpopular opinions and the privilege to consent with the majority.

In a hypothetical situation , a man running for president is caught
in a bind where media has to decide if his private life should be published
or not. Involving media forms such as newspapers and television news.
When investigating matters in an individuals private life there is
a question of fairness. The possibility of invasion of privacy is also
present. If this information is printed , How will it make the person feel?
In most situations the person's life being exposed would feel he is being
treated unfairly. However, by not reporting such information could elude
the voters knowledge of the presidential candidate. A journalist is
required to report, it is there job.
When making implications about any person, the facts must be known
without a doubt. The uselessness of hearsay information or a animus tip
does no good on the creditability of the news. If there is potential
situation developing, it would be a good idea for a journalist to watch and
wait for the events to unfold , then gather the necessary facts upon
gaining the information. It is unconstitutional to spread lies about an
individual. Even if false information is printed it could take a
considerable amount of time for an individual to regain the publics favor.
A journalist is aiming to be ethical before they print an article .
Sometimes it may seem as though a writer is trying to destroy an individual.
In most cases this is not true In any case an investigation is done to
gather the facts relevant to the situation. Thus arriving at the question
of right verses wrong. In some opinion snooping around and peeking through
windows is reasonable. However this is a major violation of privacy. The
morality of most people would not appreciate the idea of a journalist
lurking ...

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