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The Problems Of Drinking And Driving

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Drinking and driving is one of the more difficult problems for our
society to solve. Organizations such as MADD, DUI, and many other groups
have gone to great lengths to educate people of all ages on this situation.
Unfortunately, in many cases their struggle has not been effective enough.
While 80% of drivers have heard of blood alcohol level from an informative
paper or commercial, only 20% know what their state's limit is.
( Essentially, this means that the message is not sinking into
the minds of people. It is a common problem for a media campaign not to be
effectual, but one as important as this shouldn't have become so clich'. An
example of when drinking and driving arises simply when a person doesn't
acknowledge that he/she isn't fit to drive, and no one else argues with
them. Generally, when sober, people know that it is wrong to drink and
drive, but it boils down to the fact that at the time when this important
decision is being made, a person's judgement is impaired.
This problem is all too common among young people. Although people
attempt to drill the message "don't drink and drive" into young minds
everywhere as early as kindergarten, it doesn't seem to be enough. A child
needs to get this message early and often. This is unfortunately not always
so. Today, only one in every three parents has given their children a clear
"no use" message about alcohol. ( Contrary to popular belief
and hope, the problem is not just going away. Alcohol use still remains the
number one problem among young people. ( To some
degree, this is as much the responsibility of the parents as it is the
children's. Many parents have simply thrown in the towel and have tried to
compromise with their children, saying it's all right to drink as long as<...

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