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The Possible Future Of Mankind

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The future of mankind is not carved in stone, so to speak... The
future is as yet undefined, but I can give you a general idea of what will
happen. First I will explain the basic premises of sentient evolution. A.

1. Gatherer
This stage is the first in any sentient species... and is simply the
people gathering their food and other materials... and then someone
discovers that throwing a rock at a small animal will often kill it, and
hunting is born.

2. Hunter
Stage 2 is a little more organized... now the people are hunting for
their food and clothing. The basic tools of this stage are the two most
easily obtainable objects: rocks and sticks. As the people become more
intelligent, they invent such things as the bow and arrow, spears, etc.
Coincidentally, this is also the stage in which the minor concept known as
'war' first began... well it isn't minor... One day someone gets tired of
running after his lunch, and decides to have some fruit, drops the seeds on
the ground, comes back next year, and look and behold, a small fruit tree
has appeared. He then tries it with other seeds, and gets similar results.
Agriculture is born.

3. Agriculture
Now, people are really getting smart and organized. They live in
towns and cities. The overall quality of life increases and the time frame
is growing shorter, history-wise. New forms of technology are developed to
aid in crop yield, and this sparks the next stage... Industry.

4. Industrial
Welcome to the industrial revolution! The general quality ...

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