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The Policies Of My Way

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Legal Issues

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Unlike the United States, with its generalissimo politics-Washington,
Jackson, Grant, Eisehower- the martial arts have been conspicuously absent
from Canadian politics. But there in one exception: in 1968 Pierre Elliot
Trudeau became the first Canadian leader to bring the gunslinger-Lone
Ranger ethos to Canadian politics.
Trudeau introduced to Canada the refined art of single combat; it was
the politics of "Doing It My Way"-the politics of going my way or being
left behind. Single-combat confrontation implied much mor than the loner
or renegade in power, and far far less than the shaman black tricks of
Mackenzie King. Trudeau was always far more the solo Philosopher King
engaged in intellectual trial by combat than the Magus Merlin conjuring up
solutions by puffs of smoke, sleight of hand or divine intervention.
Ouijaboard politics was the occult domain of Mackenzie King, a man
virtually devoid of policy, a political palm reader forever checking the
whims and moods of his powerful baronial-Ralston Howe, St. Laurent-and
sometimes Byronian colleagues to see how best he could placate them, or
calm them, or Heap his beatitudes upon them.
Trudeau, from day one , was always more samurai than shaman. Even in
his pre-leadership days, Trudeau's love of trial by combat was predominant.
Mackenzie King would have never touched the unholy trinity of divorce,
abortion and homosexuality: each one of these issues is a sleeping dog best
left to lie; each could only infuriate conservative Canada from coast to
coast. Since King dared not touch them seriatim he certainly would not
have touched them together-in an omnibus bill.
This, Trudeau did joyously. The myths-makers have it at this was
Trudeau's first deliberated joust, the kingship being the final prize. But
Trudeau had no leadership aspirations at the time; all that he had, still
has, was the love of combat for the sake of combat and religious scruples
be damned. Trudeau the Catholic zealot tackle divorce, abortion and
homosexuality active Prime Minister in this country's history, liberated
the homosexual practitioners of black acts totally abhorrent to him;
ironically, in the process, Trudeau gave irrational Canada a pretext for
branding him a homosexual too.
P.E.T. has always hated the consensus building of Mackenzie King;
even the populist following of a Diefenbaker was an anathema to Trudeau.
The single-combat warrior "doing it my way" is always alone; he leads the
people but is not of them; like the prophet he wanders either in dessert
or lush green pastures and often, like the prophet, he watches his people
march into the Promised Land without him. For Trudeau, being alone is to
be free; victory is a consequence of solitude; companionship an act of
weakness, cronyism even wise.
It is ironic that Trudeau, a devout Jansenist Roman Catholic,
emotionally and philosophically opposed to both divorce and abortion,
should grant Canadians greatly expanded divorce rights and their first
right to legale abortion.
Trudeau took the unholy trinity then disturbing the bedrooms of the
nation because all three were trial combat, all three required one strong
man to push them through. In this minefield Canada's political loner had
walked alone and apparently loved it.
Canada's other solo flyer, John Diefenbaker, may or may not have been
a renegade in power, but the input his holitics received from Senate
cronies and Kitchen cabinets was enormous. The letters and advice that
daily poured in to the chief were a populist input that Diefenbaker
slavishly adhered to. Trudeau was no Diefenbaker; he was neither a
populist nor a renegade. Trudeau was simply a man who brilliantly
massaged and manipulated others so that his single will appeared to be the
will of many, so that his will be always done.
The theme of my-way politics sheds much light on the vrai Trudeau,
the Trudeau that is, rather than the Trudeau people think there is.
Trudeau has never been the privacy-demanding recluse, the reluctant leader
that herdsmen of Canadian journalism insist he is.
In secular life Trudeau is no trinitarian; he has chosen his oneness
because, from the earliest politics, oneness worked for him so spectacular.
Trudeau's personal handling of the constriction crisis was a "my way" all
the way. Trudeau, the self-proclaimed socialist prophet of his people,
waxed ever so eloquently against the sins of conscription, and yet Trudeau
seemingly could not see in War measures that potential greater evil of a
Canadian fascism that surly meant permanent conscription and enslavement of
all. Equally puzzling is the referral of Trudeau's nationalist compatriots
and colleagues in the years ...

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