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The New Deal

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The New Deal

During the 1930's American citizens witnessed a

breakdown of the Democratic and free enterprise

way of life. The government saw that the

free enterprise system was failing. The New Deal

increased the government's regulation and intervention

and the economic system, thus temporarily

abandoning the capitalism system and turning toward

socialism to find the answer. The answer...

the New Deal.

Socialism is usually thought of as a form

of government that advocates public ownership

and public control of wealth (Britannica Jr.

Encyclopedia 1980, p.231). In other words,

a socialistic government wants the wealth of

the nation spread out in such a way that the

money is equally distributed among the country's

citizens. Socialism is in favor

of tearing down the class structure and forming

a classless society. In this way, it was born out

of Marxism, whose founder was Karl Marx.

Leaders of the Communist Party of the Soviet

Union said that their country used socialism

as a major step towards "building communism".

However most socialist political parties in

democratic countries of the West rejected the

Communist idea of socialism. Socialists prefer

the government ownership of industries that are

vital to a country's welfare. These include the

coal, oil, iron, and steel industries. The

basic idea favored by all Socialists is the

public ownership and use of property in order

to extend the benefits of wealth more equally.

Many economic, political, and social factor lead

up ...

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