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The Motown Sound

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I can truly appreciate all forms that today's music has to offer, but I do not accept the influence Hip Hop has on our youth. It establishes a false sense of reality and does not constitute what life is really all about. Some call it the most depressing music they have ever heard, but I say that is where it is.
Today's Hip-Hop music consists mostly if lovemaking, sex slaving, and violence that is centered around one thing and one thing only-SEX. It doesn't take a whiz kid to understand that one of the main reasons for making music is to make money. Consequently, I feel that Hip-Hop lends to high teen pregnancies, date rape, violence, and other high crimes. With today's young and inquisitive people, they are looking to party everywhere and anywhere. I sometimes sit and think; do the future generation realize and consider the consequences that follow their illresponsible actions? Sexually transmitted diseases, intellectual deficits, less time spent with family and friends, and getting to know your little sister or brother before they grow up and you don't realize who they are anymore, are all associated with the involvement of Hip Hop music. It guides these youths into the misconceptions about family and life.
If one should possess to get involved with music, they should choose one in which it is centered on realistic life events. This music represents a time when love is considered to be serious, captivating, and romantic. It focuses on getting people to realize and come a front with their inner conscious feelings, to grasp for what they believe in, and to seek their one-time soul mate. It's a mature and enticing music that don't target one group of people. When I think of enticing music, I think of The Isley Brothers, Maze, The Temptations, Marvin Gaye, and The Commodores. These magnificent groups of people touched so many lives with their tantalizing music. They grant you the authority to expand your inner self. This group I vividly describe is referred to as . Originating in the 1950's, this admirable class molded some of America's greatest artists into the proud mothers and fathers before us today.
I can recall a couple of summers ago in the back of my house barbecue, people were eating homemade barbecue, crunchy potatoe salad, creamy cole slaw, and Tasha's famous ...

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