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The Mission

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The Mission

The Mission

The film The Mission was written by Robert Bolt and was produced in 1986. Fernando Ghia produced it. The movie was about a man who was trying to start a mission in the new world when he meets a former mercenary who is willing to renounce his former ways and become a priest. The Spanish try to take the land from them saying they own it under the Treaty of Madrid. When the Indians refuse to leave their home the Spanish slaughters them and takes it from them.

The Indians seemed to live in fear of the white man, they had to do many things in order to be able to run and hide from them. The Indians had to kill all but one of their children, the reason? They couldn't run from the white man with more than one child. The Indians also seemed to have an affinity for music, that is how father Gabriel kept them from killing him earlier in the movie. A person in the film also said 'we could have taken the entire island if we had an orchestra.' Practices could also be added to what Captain Rodrigo was forced to do in order to renounce his former ways.

Captain Rodrigo Mendoza, a mercenary and slave trader who first came to the top of the water fall in order to capture Indians for slave, was later one of Father Gabriel's closest followers. Captain Rodrigo's penance or self-punishment was to carry a huge bag of armor up the hill and over the water fall. Once he got to the top they cut it off and ...

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