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The Medieval Crusades: Actually Fought Over Dionysean Worship

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Although it is a popular notion that the crusades of the Eleventh
through Thirteenth Century Europe were launched to spread Christianity, it
is a seldom realized fact that they were actually launched to spread the
worship of the Greek God Dionysus. While many fundamentalist radicals and
even some historians who ought to know better will dispute this,it
During the Middle Ages in Europe,there were a series of ten religious
crusades launched over a period of three centuries.It is commonly believed
that these were organized and carried out by Christian religious leaders to
unite more territory under the red and white flag of their cherished
religion. The fact that accounts of the Crusades were recorded as they are
in the history books is due to the overwhelming influence exerted by
overzealous religious leaders on historians of the day.It is an unfortunate
fact that little remains of the historical representations of what actually
While the Church leaders of the day destroyed all written account of who
initiated the ten Crusades and what really occurred in the course of these
religious conquests,the true story of what happened survives to this
day.High in the mountainous terrain of Northern Turkey exists a tribe of
dedicated monks who,with their female counterparts,still engage in the
rituals of Dionysean worship,...

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