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The Lottery

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The Lottery

The Lottery

Overcrowding is a big problem in today's society. Prisons, schools, UMASS Dartmouth, countries, cities, and many other places face the ordeal of overcrowding. There are many things people try to do to stop overcrowding certain areas. In Japan couples are only allowed to have two children, they must get permission from the government to have anymore. If a couple does have a third child without permission from the government, the child is taken away from them. Another solution for overcrowding is one found in the story ?The Lottery?.
The solution for overcrowding in ?The Lottery? is a very unintelligent one. The idea behind the lottery is that the head of every family picks a piece of paper from the black box. If the piece of paper, the head of the family picks out, has a black dot on it, him or one of his family members is going to get stoned to death. The family of the man who picked the black dot, start the second round of the lottery. Each family member picks a paper and the one with the black dot gets stoned to death. This happens once a year.
In ?The Lottery? a man by the name of Bill Hutchinson is the man who draws the black dot. His family draws from the hat and his wife Tessie gets the black dot, this means she will be stoned to death. Before the lottery even started Tessie had forgotten the date and she ...

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