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The Last Temptation Of Christ

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Outrage, controversy, beliefs, and disbelief, who knows? With countless renditions and rewritings of the bible, with 170 forms of religion known to man, who is to say what really happened during the last days of Christ. Who knows what went through the mind of any one human being, at any given time? The film 'The Last Temptation of Christ' by Martin Scorcese, has raised many different opinions on the true life of Jesus Christ and the days leading up to, and the thoughts of Jesus Christ, while being crucified. Martin Scorcese paints a picture of what he believes, who am I to bring judgement.
Martin Scorcese brings what could have been, a real and eye-opening experience to many people, if the theme of his movie had not been scorned before its release. This movie possesses some incredible characterization and wonderful scenery, and the questions that entered my mind were thought provoking.
Jesus Christ has been portrayed for many, many years, as being someone or something (as you prefer) that was not subject to the trial and tribulations of life, life at the time in question, was much different than our own, so I am told. Throughout the movie, Jesus (William Defoe) reacts in aggressive ways to the programmed society that surrounded him and that goes against the grain of what society teaches us today. The episode, while on the cross, where he is brought together with Mary Magdalene was something that could have been in the mind of anyone or anything (as you prefer) given the circumstances. The Portrayal of Jesus Christ by William Defoe was magnificent and I do not believe anyone else could have played Jesus the way he did and the way that Martin Scorcese was trying to convey.
Judas Iscariot was ...

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