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The labor debate, an american

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The labor debate, an american

?The Labor Debate:? The American Dream Revisited

Immigration is one hot topic in modern day conversation. Many believe that immigrants coming to the United States are taking many well-needed jobs away from able-bodied Americans. On the other hand, there are still those that believe that the jobs being taken away are not ones that Americans would perform due to the terrible working conditions, low pay, and lack of medical coverage. The immigration problem has come to a point where the United States must make a decision to spend a lot of money to curtail the amount of immigrants using force and funds of an overbearing amount, or to just let the immigrants continue to go about their business in trying to find a way into a country where they are mildly welcome. The article ?The Labor Debate? discusses both the pros and cons of immigrants, both legal and illegal alike, taking jobs of their own in a country where they might not be welcome.

I believe that the immigrants are not necessarily taking jobs away from the American worker. Those occupations that the immigrants possess are truly illegal for any employer to employ any American. The job sights include unsanitary conditions, dangerous equipment use without proper safety precautions, extremely long working days, and less than minimum wage for average pay. There is not one citizen in this country that would stand for such an outrageous environment to work in. Many would go directly to an inspection board to have the factory/plant evaluated to see if the factory could pass any sort of inspection. Hence, the factory/plant would be closed down and there would be even fewer jobs for Americans.

Those immigrants out there that are working are helping to construct certain items that citizens of the United States do not want to be a part of. Take as an example the sewing of blue jeans, a product that graces the legs of half the country. Many Americans out there need this clothing for working and playing in. However, the tedious work of sewing blue jeans does not fit into the description ...

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