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The King Must Die: Is Theseus To Perfect To Be A Human Being?

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To be considered a human being one must be subject to or indicative of
the weakness, imperfections, and fragility associated with human beings. This
definition separates us from any lower being, or for this book's concern
separates us from any higher being. Theseus had endured a life that during some
times showed to be like that of any human. Yet, there were numerous occasions
that proved Theseus to be not of human flesh and blood, but that of a god.

The most compelling event of the book, in my mind, that would define
Theseus to be more than a human being took place under the strength of the
Isthmus' current between Athens and Troizen. Theseus was losing strength and
falling deeper into his coffin. Theseus had not sooner lost the struggle
against the angry current as Poseidon lifted his body, in an invisible form, and
carried him to shore safely. Theseus had been looking for a sign from a god. He
had been looking for one all his life. When he was old enough his mother told
him that he could have been born of a Greek god. Voluntarily or not, his life
would become a search for the truth. This sign proved him to be more than human.

A hard challenge was brought onto to a younger Theseus' shoulders when
he worked under his grandfather at the tender age of eight. Theseus was to
teach the inner workings of his job that was soon to be passed on to his
apprentice. Yet, this boy tested his patience every day and would push him
around and laugh at the year older Theseus. Theseus thought that if he was
truly born of a god that he could show this boy who he was. One day Theseus had
a small quarrel with this boy. The result ...

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