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The Kangaroo

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The Grey Kangaroo weighs 145 lbs. It also has a length of 10 ft. The tail alone is 4 ft. long. has a small head, and very large ears. They also have large lips and small mouths with a deer like head. is a furry mammal. It also has a pointed snout. has long hind legs and small front legs. Males are larger than females. The smallest Kangaroo is the Musky Rat Kangaroo.
lives in open spaces of Australia , New Guinea and other nearby islands. They travel in groups called Mobs. They also inhabit the dry grasslands. Kangaroos like open spaces. The newborn Kangaroo lives in its mothers pouch for 6 months. Baby stays with its mother for one and half years after it is born. Large Kangaroos live for about 15 years. A baby Kangaroo is born one month after mating. The newborn baby measures one inch long.
Kangaroos are herbavors. They eat grass, leaves and shrubs. They also get water form lakes and streams. Some ...

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