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The johari window benefits to

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The johari window -benefits to

The Johari's Window was introduced and conceived by Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham and also was used in an information session at the Western Training Laboratory in Group Development in 1955. The word 'JOHARI ? is derived from the names of them. (JOSEPH LUFT, HARRY INGHAM = JOHARI).

As an ESL teacher, this conceptual model can be used and implemented for describing, evaluating and predicting aspects of interpersonal communication especially during teaching and learning activities in the classrooms as it gives us the opportunity to explore and understand ourselves and those around us (students).

The Johari's window represents four informations between a person and those around him or her. There are four windows or panes in it and are called Arena, Blind Spot, Fa'ade and Unknown. (Figure 1)


Arena is also called as Open Self, Public self and Agenda (Figure 2). All of them are in the same area. It represents about all the information, behaviours, attitudes, feelings, desires, motivations, ideas etc. It is also the portion of total inter personal space devoted to mutual understanding and shared informations. This 'small? window or pane is ?known by self? and also ?known by others?. For example, teacher and students; a teacher knows his/her students; behaviour, attitudes, feelings, desires, etc and students know their teacher; what she/he likes (behaviour)/ability/performance.


Fa'ade is also called as Private Self or Hidden Self (Figure 2) and it is the second quadrant of the Johari's window. It refers to what is known to a person but hidden from others. In this pane, one has to be conscious of what to divulge to others. . In other ways it is the things you know about yourself that others don't know. A person in this pane, only reveal to people he/she trust or rely on. This area is particularly useful in order to protect confidential items such one's secret.


Blind Spot is also called as Blind Self (Figure 2) is the third window or pane in the Johari's Window. It holds information ? known by other? but ?unknown by self?. It means that everybody knows a person (such as his/her attitude, feeling, knowledge etc) but the person does not ...

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