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The Influence Of Ecstasy On The Youth

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Rave as a Post- Modern Phenomena is continuing to increase is size. Every year more teenagers discover the potential of this way to have fun. They suddenly feel part of something, which they enjoy. However, the rave phenomena primarily depended of taking the drugs. Unfortunately, like any other culture, or cult (hippies) is self-stupefying. This means that the ignorance of the Ravers maintains as the existence of Raves. Those who become part of such drug taking culture, the problem often intensified, du to the lack of sport with in the raving community, who are still having too much fun. This is made worse because, there is also a lack of support in the community for the victims of recreational drug abuse.
Rave culture is highly attractive to the youth audience in general, regardless of class or ethnic background. Raves are non-elitist, and are primarily for the working class. This makes Raves quit different from all other postmodern sub-cultures. The legalization of a Rave has not prevented the illegal taking of the drugs. This means that there are a lot of young people indulging in Rave culture and recreational drug taking every weekend.
Rave has provided an environment where drugs like ecstasy are socially acceptable. Rave like other cult is self-stupefying and refuses to question the taking of the drugs affecting its continual and successful existence. 'Recreational drug users often see only benefits only from drug use and at this stage will have control over the drug taking, despite using drug on regular basis. However recreational drug use does not mean problem free drug use.'(Latimer 1997). For this reason it is vital to raise awareness about some of the known effects of the drug use. Both within the raving community and the general public, after all the young Ravers of today a whole generation, who will ultimately effect the future of the country.
Many young people feel unlike alcohol Ecstasy allows them to stay in control. In an article by Sheila Henderson she particularly emphasis's the attraction of Ecstasy and the E-culture for young women. She suggests that women felt that being in an environment where every one was on Ecstasy, rather than say alcohol, freed from unwanted sexual attention from men. She state, 'Instead of being tied to a boyfriend, having to stick close to friends, feeling self-conscious about appearance or dace style or intimidated by attention from men, the young women occupied this social space with confidence, circulating and meeting new people independently.' (Henderson) In survey, which Henderson carried out, she found many young women rated Ecstasy, music and dancing above forms of enjoyment in their lives such as sex and keeping fit. In Henderson's article a girl gives an account of her positive experience of taking Ecstasy; ' When you listen to the music you usually know the music is coming out of the speaker. But when you're on E it's like you're dancing on the notes' it all around you, and you feel so up there it's like, its like so hard to describe, its like haven. And it's so good, you love everybody, you look around and you think you all are wonderful! Never felt anything like it.'(19yr old girl)
The CDT suggests that the positive feeling on a Rave out weight the negative after effects. They state 'Populists account of Ecstasy use (in the media) have tended to moralise about the danger of the drug. The young people we talked to had much more position assessment of Ecstasy, and their dilutions of its interwoven with their discussion of raves.'(CDT) any sensory changes would tend to be laughed off and any weight Loss, or loss of appetite, due to the media images, which portray anorexic supper models as the ideal physical appearance, is viewed as a positive effect to the most young people. You people also enjoy the feeling of belonging, which comes from the Rave culture (PLUR Peace, ...

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