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The Importance Of The Bill Of Rights

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No one particulary interested in the legal structure of the United States can underestimate .The 10 amendments to the original text of the Constitution, together with the 16 others make a complete picture of the most important American legal acts.
The Bill of Rights warrants basic individual liberties which are an undeniable standard of the proper protection of human and civil rights even now. But some sceptics maintain that this act did not enshrine the liberties of the Americans because some groups were outside the system of protection. However, we must keep in mind that the amendments were ratified over 200 years ago and they simply did not intend to protect all the inhabitants of the new-born United States.
Similar regulations were commonly met in other countries' legal acts of the time. For example, in the Polish Constitution ratified in 1791 only the nobility had all the civil rights, so it ...

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