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The History Of Christianity

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The founder of Christianity is unknown. The religion is not really
defined by any beginning dates, but it does still exist in the world today.
The total amount of followers in this religion is around 1.7 billion people.

Around 4 BC a child was born to the Virgin Mary and Joseph. An angle
told Mary to name the child 'Jesus'. Though Mary was a virgin, the angle
told her that God was the child's father. Mary gave birth to Jesus in a
place where the cattle stayed. There was no room for the travelers to rest
in the inn. Jesus was said to be the perfect person, committing no sin
against his father in heaven. The main practice of the religion is to try
to be like Jesus and commit as little sin as possible. When Jesus was 32
years old, the Romans crucified him, which fulfilled many prophets' '
visions' made hundreds of years before. In Christianity's holy book, the
Bible, it is said that Jesus will come back and save all of his followers
and defeat Satan, or the devil. This will be known as the second coming, or
the rapture.

The Bible is Christianity's holy book. This book is divided up into
two parts, the Old Testament and the New Testament. The New Testament was
written about and after the birth of Jesus Christ. The two sections are
divided up into 66 separate books in all. The most famous books are the
Gospels, which are the first four books in the New Testament: Matthew, Mark,

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