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The History Of Anti-Semitism Starting From The Bible To The Holocaust

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In today's view of anti-Semitism, the most significant anti-Semitic
movement was World War II and the Holocaust, however, all throughout
history, a prejudice against the Jewish people has been present that might
have led to this genocide. How could so many people be blind to this mass
murder without having a feeling of self-reproach? In the New Testament,
there are references that arguably show offenses to Judaism (Duran 1).
However, World War II was not the only event in history that resulted in
mass killing of the Jews During the Crusade Period 46,821 Jews were
murdered (Glatzer). Later in the late 19th, and early 20th century,
another mass murder of the Jews put more than 200,000 Jews to death. These
massacres were later called the Pogroms (Glatzer). Many people believe
that these early references and cases of anti-Semitism were the root for
the Holocaust. From misconceptions of the Bible, the Great Crusades, to
the early 20Th century Pogroms, they all helped build up a hate for the
Jews .
One of the first major anti-Semitic massacres took place during the
Crusades. It was a period in which much of the civilized world lived under
a feudalistic government. In such a system priests, bishops, and most of
all, dukes, had power over the people (Rosenthal). In this time, many
Christian authorities blamed Jews for killing Jesus and took the
opportunity to use that allegation to gather money for their crusades. The
Duke of Lorraine wanted to go on such a crusade, and to collect money he
spread the rumor that he would kill the Jews to avenge the death of Christ.
The Jews of the Rhineland paid him 500 pieces of silver as ransom, but some
refused, and crusaders slaughtered Jews of Rouen and other cities in
Lorraine. An estimated 8,000 Jews were massacred in France and Germany for
such purposes (Glatzer). Although most of the people were anti-Semitic,
some did protect the Jews. One of them was King Richard, but when he left
on his own crusade, the anti-Semitic crusaders in England assemb led and
attacked Jewish Communities. Some Jews were able to take refuge in King
Richard's castle. However, those Jews who did not reach the castle were
killed. The English burnt down the quarters of Port of Lynn in Norfolk,
and murdered the Jews there. In York alone, 1,500 Jews were massacred.
Many other cases of extreme anti-Semitism took place in the crusade period,
and the Jewish population took a death toll of as many as 46,821 (Voll).
In Benediction 12 of the New Testament, one can find the statement,
'For the renegades let there be no hope, and may the arrogant Kingdom soon
be rooted out in our days, and the Nazarenes and the minim perish as in a
moment and be blotted out from the book of life and with the righteous may
they not be inscribed. Blessed art thou, O Lord, who humblest the
arrogant.'(Voll) The choice of words in the passage is by many people
considered anti-Semitic because 'the renegades' refers to Jews, who refused
to believe Jesus was the 'Messiah.' It states that these renegades should
be ...

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