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The guam flag (description)

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The guam flag (description)

The Guam Flag

First impressions are important. Just as people tend to size you up by your appearance, so are they inclined to judge your culture and heritage. The Guam flag is a resemblance of my culture and heritage. It is simple but indigenous to the people of Guam.

Governor Roy C. Smith approved the design as the Official Coat of Arms for the territory of Guam on July 4, 1917. April 4, 1930 was the formal adoption date of the official Seal of the Territory of Guam, under the administration of Governor Willis W. Bradley. The seal was designed in the city of Agana, Guam from a scene where the diverted Agana River formerly empties into the Philippine Sea in a spot known as the Navy Yard Reservations. Following a disastrous typhoon, which left only a coconut tree standing, this setting inspired the design for the official Seal of Guam.

The dimensions of the flag are thirty-four inches by sixty inches with a three inch red border all around. Set within the red border is dark blue and in the center is an oval shape that measures twenty-six inches by seventeen inches with a one inch red border. The oval is filled with symbols that represents the people of Guam and its rich culture and heritage. The river channel flows into the sea and is surrounded by unfertile yellow orange sand on each side. To the right of the oval sits a coconut tree with its brown trunk slightly bent to the left and then straightened into the sky. The ...

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