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The Growth Of The Internet

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The Internet has caught on like wild fire. No one ever intended for it to be so commercially successful. In the beginning, its main purpose was to send and receive messages; no one anticipated that one-day people could buy books and cars over a computer. Though with the advancement of certain technologies, this has happened. E-commerce is a worldwide commodity that has taken the place of trips to the supermarket and has given us the freedom to conduct business at out house in our pajamas.
To fully understand what e-commerce is, you must first understand where it came from. It all started with the DOD (Department of Defense) in 1996. After the Cold War the Government wanted a reliable line of communication. If a network link became damaged by enemy attack, the information on it could be rerouted automatically to other links. This was the birth of the Internet. In order to use anything on the Internet, it is required that you learn to operate a separate program, one for the mail, one for news groups, and several different programs for accessing databases.
This all changed in 1989. A researcher at CERN (a big European physics laboratory) named Tim Berners-Lee started to work on hypertext. By using hypertext he could link together all the different kinds of information available on the Internet.
Berners-Lee called the software pack the World Wide Web.
For the World Wide Web to work, each page has it's own address that the web recognizes using a system called HTTP (Hypertext Transport Protocol). Each page has to be written with a special language called HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). This language tells the computer how to display a page.
Now with the invention ...

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