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The Gold Rush

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American History

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Gold is a precious metal that people sometimes will go crazy over.
When there is a case in which there is a great amount of gold even the most
responsible people might just leave their homes, and business.They will
run and crawl just to put their fingertips in the all mighty rock.
In 1839 John Augustus Sutter migrated from Switzerland into
California. While in California, Sutter met a Spanish Governor who
believed Sutter was a European noble. For this reason Sutter was able to
persuade the governor to give him a very large piece of land which was
located in the part of California known as the Sacramento River Valley.
Sutter then cultivated it and held a large amount of sheep, cattle and
horses. Ultimately, he became very successful. Itwas at this time that
Sutters' life took an unusual turn that would affect all of America. There
would be some happy stories, some sad stories, and tales of great journeys.
There would be chaos among the most sophisticated of people. There would be
After a great amount of success Sutter wanted more. He was soon
due to get much more. In 1848 Sutter decided to increase his wealth with a
saw mill. On January, 24,1848, during construction of the mill, one of
Sutter's carpenters, James Marshall, saw something glistening. He picked
it up,examined it, and picked up ...

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