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The Game Of Baseball

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Baseball, competitive game of skill played with a hard ball and a bat between two teams of nine players each. Baseball is often called the national pastime of the United States, because of its strong tradition and great popularity. It is played throughout the world by people of all ages.
In a baseball game, one team is designated the home team and the other is the visiting team. The visiting team always bats first, or at the top of the inning, while the home team takes the field. When a team is at bat it is playing offense- that is, trying to score runs. Teams score runs after their players get on first base, primarily by hitting the ball, and then continue around second and third base and successfully cross home plate. When a team is in the field it is playing defense, or trying to put out opposing players out before they can travel around the bases. After three outs, half of the inning is over and the teams switch roles.

A baseball game is divided into nine periods of play, called innings. The team that scores the most runs by the end of the ninth inning wins the game. Play starts when a player called the pitcher throws a ball toward the batter, a player on the opposing team. The batter tries to hit the ball into the baseball field. Payers score runs by hitting the ball and running around a series of bases before a player in the field can put them out. Batters and runners can be put out in a variety of ways. Innings are divided into two halves, referred to as the top and bottom of the inning. During the top of an inning, one team is at bat while the other team is in the field. After the team at bat has three outs the two teams switch these roles, and the bottom of an inning begins. If the game is tied after nine innings, the teams continue to play until one has scored more runs at the end of an extra inning.


Baseball is played on a level field, which usually covers about 2 acres (0.8 hectares). The playing area is divided into the infield and the outfield. Together, these two areas make-up fair territory. The rest of the field is called foul territory. The infield consists of a square - shaped plot called the diamond, which measures 90ft (27 m) on each side. One corner of the diamond is marked by a five-sided piece of rubber ...

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