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The fbi 2

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The fbi 2

To uphold the law through the investigation of violations of federal

criminal law; to protect the U.S. from foreign intelligence and terrorist

activities; to provide leadership and law enforcement assistance to

federal, state, local, and international agencies; and to perform these

responsibilities in a manner that is responsive to the needs of the public

and is faithful to the constitution of the U.S.: this is the mission of the

Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The agency now known as the Federal Bureau of Investigation was founded in

1908 when the Attorney General appointed an unnamed force of Special Agents

to be the investigative force of the Department of Justice (DOJ). Before

that time, the DOJ had to borrow Agents from the U.S. Secret Service to

investigate violations of federal criminal laws within its jurisdiction. In

1909, the Special Agent Force was renamed the Bureau of Investigation, and

after a series of name changes, it received its present official name in


During the early period of the FBIs history, its agents investigated

violations of mainly bankruptcy frauds, antitrust crime, and neutrality

violation. During World War One, the Bureau was given the responsibility of

investigating espionage, sabotage, sedition (resistance against lawful

authority), and draft violations. The passage of the National Motor Vehicle

Theft Act in 1919 further broadened the Bureau's jurisdiction.

After the passage of Prohibition in 1920, the gangster era began, bringing

about a whole new type of crime. Criminals engaged in kidnapping and bank

robbery, which were not federal crimes at that time. This changed in 1932

with the passage of a federal kidnapping statute. In 1934, many other

federal criminal statutes were passed, and Congress gave Special Agents the

authority to make arrests and to carry firearms.

The FBIs size and jurisdiction during the second World War increased

greatly and included intelligence matters in South America. With the end of

that war, and the arrival of the Atomic Age, the FBI began conducting

background security investigations for the White House and other government

agencies, as well as probes into internal security matters for the

executive branch of the government.

In the 1960s, civil rights and organized crime became major concerns of the

FBI, and counterterrorism, drugs, financial crime, and violent crimes in

the 1970s. These are still the major concerns of the FBI, only now it is to

a greater extent..

With all of this responsibility, it is logical to say that the FBI is a

field-oriented organization. They have nine divisions and four offices at

FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C. These divisions and offices provide

direction and support services to 56 field offices and approximately 10,100

Special Agents and 13,700 other employees. Each FBI field office is

overseen by a Special Agent in Charge, except for those located in New York

City and Washington, D.C. Due ...

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