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The Fallacies Of Plastic Recycling

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The Fallacies of Plastic Bottle Recycling

Throughout the course of human history, raw minerals and ores have been of high interest to man due to their versatility and monetary value. A polymer comprised of many ores is known as plastic which has been revolutionized and incorporated into nearly every aspect of human living today. Plastic water bottles have become one of the most widely used forms of plastic around the world due to the ever increasing population as well as desire to consume water. With billions of empty water bottles originally intended to be recycled lying among the earth, it seems more plastic is being wasted as opposed to recycled. Although many individuals do in fact believe recycling is one of the most useful and cleanest of processes to keep the earth clean, most of the plastics which should be recycled end up in landfills. Recycling is not as effective and clean as many think it is to be but is negatively impacting the earth causing more harm than good.
If you were to ask anyone on the subject of recycling, they would reply with good intentions and feelings mainly because they are ignorant to the fact on the truth of recycling. Recycling simply put is known as the process of taking a material which has been previously used and using it again for the same or a different purpose. This process has first been recorded as ordinary practice during the time of Plato in 400B.C. where broken tools, ash, and pottery were found stockpiled for use during times where new material was not available. (3 Wiki) As the years progressed, knowledge of new compounds as well as innovative techniques has brought recycling to an entirely new level giving the ability to reuse a greater variety of ores and products. This new found knowledge has in fact had its days with keeping the earth cleaner than usual but too much of a good thing can be bad. Recycling was first used mainly to salvage products which would have been intended for the trash and this process worked very well until big business corporations dipped their hands a little ...

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