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The Extraordinary Gift Known As Life

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Life is an indescribable blessing! Some people view life as a
horrible experience. Some view it as a joy and a blessing. I view it as a
gift. Life has many twists and turns. Always remember what the most
important things are in life and never them. In my life, there are three
main essentials. My values, treasures and goals all make up my life, and
what a good life it is!
Ever get confused, in a daze and awe why we are really here on
earth? Many different people have their own opinions and I'm not giving my
view about any of those aspects. I know my own belief. I was put here to
gain knowledge and strength, and show people my talents, weaknesses,
values and treasure. It's not hard to stop and think about them because
they are so embedded in my mind that I know them in an instant. In my life,
I value all my family and dear friendships. I could not imagine living my
life without someone there to hold my hand when times got tough, to give
me a tissue when I need one when a tear starts to fall and to be there to
share my thoughts and feelings. My family is most important to me. I know
in my heart they will always be there for me. If I get discouraged, they
are there, all I have to do is request their love. Friendships seem to
light up the life. It can seem like a real fray when life throws reality
in people's faces and the old, 'work hard' in there as well. I recognize I
will have an abundence of ver confusing situations and controverices in
the years to come that I will not be able to handle. Whenever I need a
friend or family member, I won't even have to wink an eye and they will be
there for me. These make life such a blessing.

One of the supremes that I treasure in life is my education. I
grasp onto it and I don't let anyone or anything stop me of achieving the

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