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The European Union

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While the European continent has remained stable since the Second World War,
it has failed to see a huge amount of continent-wide growth since then.
However, the world has seen European nations increase their influence in
the world economy. This trend will continue for the next decade into the
next millenium and increase the quality of life for the majority of
European nations.

The formation of the European Union (EU) has proved to be one of several
factors that will increase the strength of Europe. The economic alliance
recently showed its influence on the American economy by hinting at a
threat to impose taxes on the recent acquisition of McDonnell-Douglas by
Boeing. Even a threat by the EU made economist jittery and politicians in
the United States plead them to allow the merger to go through.

A second factor that will contribute to a strengthened European economy
would be a common currency for European nations. This would allow many
nations to purchase products necessary to build their economy up and
improve the quality of, not only their own citizens, but ...

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