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The Effects Of Teenage Alcoholism

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Teenage drinking is one of the greatest problems facing American teen's today. Since teen drinking is rising, it is becoming a dangerous disease among young adults.[Alcoholism among]Many teens are becoming alcohol dependent. Some are getting drunk every weekend, some drinking every day. There are many serious side effects to teenage alcohol abuse which often result in long term physical and mental problems, increasing crime, accidents and suicide among today's youth.
Alcohol can cause serious damage to every cell in the body and causes many long term effects on the human body. It causes various health problems among young people and often has serious consequences. Alcohol makes it very hard for students to learn and can often cause memory loss. Alcohol turns off the brain's review of what a student learned during school. It slows rapid eye movement while they sleep during which their dreams process what they have learned. The slowing down of eye movement can also cause lack of sleep. Since the brain won't be able to review what happened in one day they will not be able to remember what they have learned.[ Coping with]
Alcohol also has other effects on the body. It can cause a person to loss their balance and make it very hard for them to stand up and walk. Alcoholism also effects a person's reaction time and hand-eye coordination, which can often lead to serious accidents. High concentrations of alcohol can cause your breathing to slow and eventually stop. Alcohol slows a person synaptic transmission which slows breathing. This slowed breathing often ends in death.[Coping with] Alcohol can also have serious effects on a person's ability to reproduce. Sexual potency and sperm count are greatly reduced in alcoholic males. Alcoholic women often produce infertile eggs.
There are many deadly diseases caused by alcohol abuse. These diseases are often expensive and painful to live with as adults, but as teenagers they are worse. Alcohol can cause aches and pains to lessen. Therefore serious illness can go undetected because their symptoms are not noticeable.['Alcoholism among'] The most widely known alcohol related disorders occur in the liver. They include fatty liver, alcohol hepatitis and alcoholic cirrhosis.[Alcohol, Tobacco] Alcohol hepatitis is when the liver becomes inflamed and it's cells die. Which can often cause liver failure.[Alcohol and] Fatty liver is when fat replaces normal liver tissue. The liver can not function under such conditions. Seventy-five percent of deaths of alcoholics are caused by cirrhosis of the liver.[Coping with] Cirrhosis of the liver is when the liver becomes hard and thick from having to eliminate so many poisonous chemicals. Cirrhosis of the liver may also lead to cancer.
Alcoholics also suffer from many nutritional problems. Alcoholics are often very thin and malnourished. Alcohol fills a person stomach, so that they have no need to eat. Alcohol wastes many important vitamins and minerals. Alcohol wastes vitamin B6 and folic acid, the lack of these can lead to anemia. Anemia is the lack of red blood cells or it can be the inability for red blood cells to carry oxygen. Another nutritional disease ...

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