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The Effect Of Concentrations Of Starch And Sugar Solutions On Synthetic Semi-Permeable Membranes

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The Effect Of Concentrations Of Starch And Sugar Solutions On Synthetic Semi-Permeable Membranes Page 1
The Effect Of Concentrations Of Starch And Sugar Solutions On Synthetic Semi-Permeable Membranes Page 2
The Effect Of Concentrations Of Starch And Sugar Solutions On Synthetic Semi-Permeable Membranes Page 3
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The Effect of Concentrations of Starch and Sugar Solutions on Synthetic Semi-
Question: Is dialysis tubing selectively permeable?

Hypothesis: If one has dialysis tubing, which is dipped in water, filled with
Gatorade and starch and is left for 15 minutes, the sugar in the Gatorade will
exit the dialysis and into the water. So the dialysis is semi-permeable.

Materials: 16 cm dialysis tubing beaker cylinder test tubes transfer pipettes
Gatorade Starch solution 10 g/1000 ml water Benedict's Solution Iodine
Solution string ring stand water bath boiling chips goggles

Scientific Method: 1. Each group will make up a Gatorade solution as follows:
Group 1 1.0 M 3.4 g/10 ml
Group 2 0.5 M 1.7 g/10 ml
Group 3 0.5 M 1.7 g/10 ml
Group 4 0.2 M 0.7 g/10 ml
Group 5 0.2 M 0.7 g/10 ml

NB: Tare the balance.
Tare the balance with a test tube inside a beaker.
Add the amount to the tube.
Vortex, gradually turning the speed up.
Heat in a water bath.
Cool the tube. 2. Wet the dialysis tubing with the beaker of distilled
water. 3. Twist one end of the tubing. 4. Fold the twisted end over on itself. 5.
Tie a tight knot. Leave the extra string. 6. Insert the transfer pipette (cut
off top) about one third of the way into the tubing. 7. Tie a knot securely
around the transfer pipette. Leave the extra string. 8. Add two transfer
pipettes (two squirts) of the Gatorade solution to the tubing. 9. Add two
transfer pipettes (two squirts) of the starch solution to the tubing. 10. If you
spilled any solutions while transferring, carefully rinse the tubing. 11. Fill
the cylinder with distilled water to about 2.54 cm from the top. 12. Place the
tubing into the cylinder of water. 13. Rest the apparatus against the ring stand.
14. Note the height of the water in the tube. 15. Record the time ...

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