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The Effect Of Adoption

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All of us, at one time or another, have felt unsure of ourselves, feared rejection, and have felt disconnected from everything, including ourselves. However, adopted persons are faced with an even tougher problem that sets them apart from everyone else - they were raised by an adopted family. can cause feelings of rejection, despair, and extreme loneliness, no matter how much they are loved by their adopted family. It is these feelings that help burden adoptees throughout most of their lives.
We are all used to being, or feeling rejected at one time or another. Most people are confronted by this fear during adolescence, but for adoptees, the fear begins the moment that they are taken from their birthmother. "Adoptees seldom are able to view their placement into adoption by the birthparents as anything other than total rejection. Adoptees, even at young ages grasp the concept that to be 'chosen' means first that one was 'un-chosen,' reinforcing adoptees' lowered self-concept."(2) The internalization of these feelings of rejection, can be very difficult for anyone to overcome, especially an adopted child.
Individual identity is usually derived from our natural parents. They give us a sense of who we are to be. For adoptees, this source of information is unavailable for them to draw information from. Instead, the role of their parents is now played by
Yet another problem facing adoptees is the issue of intimacy. It has been thought that perhaps this is one way for the adoptee to avoid possible reenactment ...

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