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The Drinking Age

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Legal Issues

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Alcohol, according to some, is the root of most drinking problems. However, lowering actually could and most likely would solve most of the problem. Some researchers the effectiveness of a federally imposed drinking age. A lot of 'underage' adults are kept out of some social activities because alcoholic beverages are being are questioning served. 'Underage' adults also are restricted from selling, serving, ringing up at the check out line in grocery stores anything alcoholic. If young adults learned to drink responsibly a lot of accidents would not occur. This is not to say that law should be abolished completely or that it would solve every drinking related problem, but there can be compromises made. Also there are several laws that are being petitioned or questioned so that they will fit into our ever changing society and perspectives.
The original purpose of , besides keeping young adults from drinking, was to uniform the states' drinking ages. For a long while, since the passing of , there has been a controversy over whether or not the issue of drinking age should have been left up to the state governments instead of the federal government. 'The federal government has been suspected of threatening to stop federal funding for the states highway systems if they did not comply with the proposed uniformed drinking age.' Many feel that as a result of this the states were pressured into their decision of raising the age limit.
laws, in some ways, prevent young adults from participating in some social activities and in some cases limit their job opportunities. Because of the age laws young adults cannot attend functions where alcoholic beverages are being served and cannot get certain jobs. For instance, say a teenager would like to go see his or her favorite local band but is not allowed in because alcohol is being served. Or in another instance, an 'underage' adult applies for a job as a waiter or waitress at a local restaurant but is denied that position for something more menial like busing tables because he or she is not legally allowed to serve alcohol.
Along with the privileges of drinking, of course, there comes responsibility. It is felt that the responsibility should not fall solely upon the person drinking but the other branches of our society as well. Other environments such as the school system and the home should not be overlooked as a foundation for responsible drinkers. The school system, which is so high upon every Americans priorities, would be an excellent place to instill an awareness of this fact. The children of this country seem to be taught everything they need to know to get by in the adult world. Along with being educated they are taught safe sex and safe driving so they are aware of the inherent dangers of the adult world that present themselves everyday , as so that they can protect themselves from them. Now if they are informed about these why is it that they do not receive the same amount of education on this ever present element of the adult world as they do for sex and driving.
The home would be a wonderful place to start because of the parental influence. Many researchers say that American parents should follow the example of European cultures. Families have meals together and at dinner it is not uncommon to share a glass of wine with the children. Alcohol is only distributed in moderation at the evening meal with the family. Alcohol, in this situation does not give a false sense of glamour or making people seem beautiful or grown up. There are no drinking taboos in European societies. This also robs liquor of its 'mystique' among young people. We can not necessarily expect kids to learn to drink responsibly on their twenty-first birthday. They have a tendency to act like kids in a candy store. Most college students who drink binge drink. It seems to be because they have not had any ...

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