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The DHC-6 Twin Otter

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With arctic challenges of rough terrain and extreme climatic conditions, Canada provided a unique opportunity for manufacturers, enterprising businessmen and pilots. Following World War II, deHavilland Canada (DHC) made a corporate decision to re-enter the northern bushplane market. Incorporating the needs and preferences put forward by northern pilots, engineers initiated development of the Twin Otter, an aircraft that has had far reaching impact on the development of transportation and communication around the world.
Development of the Twin Otter was an evolutionary process. Its predecessor, the DHC-2 Beaver was, to a large extent, designed by the pilots who would fly it. It was the first plane that could be called STOL (Short take-off and landing). This feature enabled aircraft to operate out of small lakes and short, rough airfields. So impressive was the technology that, in 1987, the Beaver was cited as one of Canada's top ten engineering achievements of the last one hundred years.
While the DHC-2 Beaver was incredibly successful, pilot requests to transport larger applications necessitated modifications to the original blueprint. Extensive study and redesigning resulted in the DH3-3 Otter, originally called the King Beaver. According to Max Ward, long-time user of DHC aircraft and founder of Wardair, "The Otter changed the whole transportation picture in the Arctic'For the first time we could carry full sheets of plywood."
However, with changing needs of bush and utility operations in Canada's northern regions, it wasn't long before appeals came for a safer twin-engine version with an even larger payload. DHC accepted the challenge and, utilizing the newly developed turbo-prop engine system, produced a twin-engine Otter passenger plane. Not only was performance improved markedly - the aircraft offered 50% more power ...

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