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The Death Penalty

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The Death Penalty

By: Brian Megliola

When committing a rape, murder, or treason does it occur to you that, if Caught, you could be, electrocuted, gassed, or lethally injected? I highly doubt it. So what is it that is running through your mind? Do you honestly think you can murder or rape some innocent person and get away with it? I don't think so. I feel the death penalty is a great concept. My philosophy is, why should someone that murdered an innocent human being still be able to breathe, while his or her victim cannot? Life without parole is a good idea, but that person is still getting the chance to breathe, eat, sleep, smell, hear, and see while his or her victim cannot. Many people see capital punishment as cruel and wrong, but is not what that person did cruel and wrong? How are we as a society going to teach them that it is wrong? Life without parole is not the answer, capital punishment might be. Some of our jails today could be mistaken for a Holiday Inn. The convicted are treated entirely too well. This is not what I want my taxes to be paying for. I would rather hear of their death then to know that they are, some nights, eating meals just as good as what I am having, you need to remember what these people did. I do not feel comfortable with the idea that some person that killed or raped or robbed some innocent person could be released out of jail for 'good behavior'. As said in the Bible, 'Whomever sheds a man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed' (Genesis 9:6). This has been taken to signify 'Let the punishment, fit the crime.' The Risk of Executing the Innocent. I really do feel that this should be taken very serious. We need to be able to trust our government judicial system, to ensure that no one who was wrongfully accused is sentenced to the death penalty. And with the way our court systems work, I'm afraid were unable to trust them 100 %. Look at Oj for instance, he was guilty, and should have been executed, but he's walking the streets today sewing phone companies. But hey, there's nothing we can do about the court system. The decisions they make is going to be the decision that is final. We need to eliminate all the appealing process. Fact, inmates are six times more likely to get off death row by appeals than by execution. Not to mention, the cost of court and lawyer fee's. It's just too much money to waste on a guy who could have rapped a little girl. The death penalty shouldn't be held back just because of this, but it should be watched closely. What the court system decides is what we'll have to live with. I think anyone who admits to doing anything bad enough for the death penalty should be executed immediately. Here's a recent case that came up in NY State. Ken Williams beat a two-year-old to death. Williams admitted in a signed confession that he smacked his girlfriend's 2-year-old son with a belt seven or eight times and rapped him about eight hours before the defenseless 2 year old stopped breathing. This entire thing started because the boy, Lavonty Johnson, threw up on his bed. Williams got upset and grabbed a belt and beat him with it then rapped him. The weird thing is after he did this they played video games, then Johnson's started breathing funny. He stopped breathing and went into cardiac arrest. Williams tried giving him CPR, the boy died that night with a shattered kidney, no blood flow to his liver or spleen, and there was blood in his abdomen. Williams admitted to doing it he should be put to death if you ask me. The Effects of the Death Penalty. The death penalty saves lives, by executing murderers you prevent them from murdering again. The fear of execution will also keep criminals from murdering innocent people. There is statistical proof that executions produce fewer murders however, there's a strong side against that as well. You have ...

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