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The culture of american advert

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The culture of american advert

?Masters of Desire: The Culture of American Advertising?

by: John Solomon

?Always Real: Coke chillin? in the Hood?

By: Scott Charles

How would these two guys analyze an advertisement?

Evidently, these two guys know how to sell something. When I see an advertisement, I see them like Solomon and Charles did. They are like businessmen trying to sell a product. The advertisements aren't just selling a product to Americans, but rather the advertisements are directed towards a targeted market. For example; a commercial that wants to sell a regular beer will show normal guys hanging out. They could be at a bar, fishing, or having a picnic. The people will be having a fun time. The targeted market would be mostly men because in the commercials it's mostly men with the exception of a beautiful woman here and there.

Other commercials, according to Solomon, thrive on fitting in. The Chevrolet commercials have a slogan that makes one feel to be American, one must by American. Chevrolet's ...

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