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The Crucible: John Proctor's Marriage

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The basic foundation of a good marriage is based on trust, and that
virtue was somehow destroyed with John Proctor's act of infidelity. It
also consists of communication, which they never really had, and due of
this lack of interaction, John was easily caught in Abigail's web of
deception and manipulation. Despite John Proctor's affair with Abigail
Williams, he still loved his wife wholeheartedly.
No one is perfect. Everyone has his or her own flaws. John,
righteous as he was, his weakness was weakness itself. He was easily
persuaded into doing things that he normally would not have done. His act
of unfaithfulness is an example of his lack of self-restraint. His wife,
Elizabeth, gradually lost her affection for him because of what he had
done. She showed nothing but coldness towards him and kept a lifeless
house, yet despite all the pain he had caused her, she still chose to
remain faithful to him. John tried to avoid any involvement with the ...

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