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The Concept Of Communication Style

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has been defined by Rober Norton as
"the way one verbally, nonverbally, and para verbally interacts to signal how
literal meaning should be taken, interpreted, filtered, or understood"(1996.p.229)
In this, Norton has identified nine communicator styles. A persons style may be
dominant, dramatic, contentious, animated ,impression leaving, relaxed, open,
or friendly. These dimensions measure how you interact in various situations.
For example, if I speak frequently and try to control the converstaion, you might
assume that I am dominant in my communicator style.
In determining my own commuication style I had a questionnaire completed
by both a friend, acquaintance , as well as completing one myself. The friend
that I chose was my room mate Ryan Seslow. . Ryan and I have been friends since
highschool so he knows me very well. The person that I chose to complete the
acquaintance section was my friend Leslie Margasak. Leslie is my girlfriends
roommate therefore our communication is somewhat limited. Through the following
research and analysis I have created a table (Table:1) that shows the means for
my friend aquaitance, and myself.
The summaries and findings in which I calculated provided me with
insight of my dominant yet friendly communication style. It also provided me
with a different perspective as to how other people interpret my communication
habits. For example, the mean for myself on the category "relaxed" scored a 1.3.
However, my friends mean was 3.1 and my acquaintance was 5.1. Through the text
of Interpersonal Communication, I was able to determine that this
fluctuation has to do with the self concept theory. "Self -concept is defined
as each person's own subjective view or image of him or herself as a person"
(tremont p.213) In my opinion I do not see myself as relaxed(1.3), but my friend
does as well as acquaintance. I do not see as relaxed as the others indicated
in the table. Usually I feel rather more stressed and even a little nervous
rather than relaxed when communicating.
One calculation in which which I noticed to have simmialr realuts was
based on the means for being dramtic. I scored high in this category on all
three surveys.(see table:1) When a person is classified as dramatic it refers
that the person "likes to act out the point physically and vocally. Tells jokes
and stories and often eaggerates to make the point.Speech tends to be
picturesque" .(willmont,p.230) In my opinion this is an acurate calculation.
This is a characterisitic of my communication stly which is both dramatic and
firendly. The dramtic side is often seen when I choose to tell a story or when I
am in confilct.
There were other noticeable simmilarities which were calculated about my

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