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The Clinton Presidency Outline

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Thesis: The Clinton Presidency was a historic era of prosperity in which affected the lives of an average American citizen by three core values: building a community of all Americans, creating opportunity for all Americans, and demanding responsibility from all Americans known as the "New Opportunity Agenda".

Clinton's childhood including: date of birth, siblings, parent's occupation, social status, and any interesting or unknown facts about Clinton as a young boy. (Brief sentence in order to be introduced for the 1st paragraph)

Clinton's high school and college years including any remarkable achievements at this time. (Brief sentence in order to be introduced for the 2nd paragraph)

Clinton's presidency including: date inaugurated, term/s, complications, America's status including economy level at the time, and any other significant details. (Brief sentence in order to be introduced for the 3rd paragraph)

Effects of Clinton's presidency on the United States of America's citizens. (Brief sentence in order to be introduced for the 4th paragraph)

1st Paragraph:

Bill Clinton Date of birth is August 19, 1946

Sibling: Half brother Roger Jr.

Bill Clinton's parents were Virginia Clinton and William Jefferson Blythe, untill William he died three months before Bill was born. Virginia remarried a man named Roger Clinton.

When Bill was four years old, his ...

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Keywords: bill clinton presidency summary, who were the presidents after clinton

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The Clinton Presidency Outline

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