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The Cajun-Creole Conflict

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began when the Cajuns settled in Louisiana after the British forced them from Nova Scotia in 1755. The Cajuns settled in Southwest Louisiana where there was rich, fertile land they could use for farming. The Cajuns established their own customs and way of living. The already established Creoles did not like the Cajuns. The Cajuns were less affluent and less ambitious than the Creoles. The Creoles considered them peasants and wanted their standards of conduct changed to meet Creole standards of behavior. The Cajuns resented interference in their lives by the Creoles and wanted to retaliate. The condescending attitude of the Creole elite, coupled with the resentment of the Cajuns from being held captive by the British for a decade, was sure to cause conflict between the two groups.
The first recorded Cajun-Creole conflict took place during the summer of 1770. Governor O'Reilly had established a certain amount of funds to be contributed by the Cajuns for the local 'cemetery, yard, and garden.' When Commandment Nicolas Verret tried to force the Cajuns to pay more than the previously established amount, they objected profusely. The Cajuns gave in only when given an ultimatum by the chief executive.
This confrontation was followed by two major disputes: the Bellevue and Valentin affairs. The Bellevue incident took place in September, 1770 when Governor Luis de Unzaga directed chevalier Le Grand de Bellevue to survey property holdings along the Mississippi River. The Cajuns did not like the way the survey was conducted by Bellevue, and were very angry. The Valentin incident created even more tension between the Cajuns and the Creoles. In early 1771, father Valentin, a former priest and missionary, assumed the duties of cure at St. Jacques de Cabannoce. The priest complained bitterly about four Cajun men smoking their pipes in the presbytery. He also said that they were harassing and cursing his Negro cook in his presence. Though the troublemakers eventually apologized, Valentin conducted a personal vendetta against the Cajuns, unsuccessfully seeking legal redress.
can partially be blamed on affairs between Cajun men and Creole women. Neglected by their husbands, some Creole women formed liaisons with young Cajun bachelors. The husbands usually found out about these affairs, which often resulted in violence. One such ...

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