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The C Word in the Hallways

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Social Issues

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Mitch Coombs
Period 5

Anna Quindlen in the article, "The C Word in the Hallways" (1999), explains that teenage murder is horrible but it can be prevented. Quindlen supports her claim by giving in-depth details and specific statistics. The author's purpose is to inform people about this problem so that more parents would be aware with what goes on at their child's school. The author writes in a serious tone for her readers. I agree with Quindlen when she describes how teenage killers are victims of inadequate mental health care.
Some people say that inadequate mental health care is the main reason for teenage killing. Quindlen supports this when she says "Kip Kinkel, now 17, had been hearing voices since he was 12." This shows how something as little as hearing voices in ...

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