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The Birds' By John Updike

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In the piece by Updike describing his experience with the birds, the organization, syntax, figurative language all contribute to the readers concluding response.
Updike uses syntax to add drama to the poem and to lead up to the bold ending. In the last stanza the first line only contains two words as opposed to all the other lines of any stanza: 'And as.' This specific use of syntax is employed by the author so that as one reads, one must really stop and pause and this line. The reader assumes that he or she is reaching the climax and so this short stylistic writing contributes to the growing anticipation. Also in the second stanza the author separates to lines to illustrate the great difference between those two ideals:
'As if out of the Bible
or science fiction[.]'
Updike intentionally does this to depict the vast difference between the two. The Bible is a religious book that millions read and tend to believe in. It is religious dogma which church officials expect one to believe as the truth. Science fiction is an eerie subject in which there is no proof and which many also believe. The two are very separated in their ideals because they both have a completely different set of beliefs. They are both very mysterious things that lack conclusive proof. Updike's experience at the end is somewhat religious because he is completely awed by something so mysterious (the birds).
Next the author's organization of the poem also contributes to the climactic ending. In each stanza the author describes one specific part of his ...

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