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The Ballad of Rudolph Reed.

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The Ballad of Rudolph Reed

by Gwendolyn Brooks

Rudolph Reed was oaken.

His wife was oaken too.

And his two good girls and his good little man

Oakened as they grew.

"I am not hungry for berries.

I am not hungry for bread.

But hungry hungry for a house

Where at night a man in bed

"May never hear the plaster

Stir as if in pain.

May never hear the roaches

Falling like fat rain.

"Where never wife and children need

Go blinking through the gloom.

Where every room of many rooms

Will be full of room.

"Oh my home may have its east or west

Or north or south behind it.

All I know is I shall know it,

And fight for it when I find ...

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