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The Bald Eagle

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Our bird the national bird is making a comeback in wildlife. In the past thirty years, was on the border of extinction in the lower part of the United States. Now, due to the ban of the pesticide DDT, and a supporting effort by wildlife managers, the population of is on the rise. The Eagles can be found in forests or in mountains, usually near lakes or rivers. Most of the time they eat fish , but will eat on waterfowl and small mammals. Bald Eagles usually nest in the tops of tremendous trees and cliffs. The nests that they build are enormous, sometimes seven to eight feet in width and twelve feet deep. Both parents watch and incubate two white eggs for around thirty five days. The young eagles are ready for their first flight about seventy five days after they are hatched.
The average length of a male Bald Eagle is about three feet long from its head to its tail. They have a massive wingspan of almost six and a half feet and weigh only seven to ten pounds. The females are larger then the male and weigh sometimes double the size as the male. They usually live around thirty years in the wild , but when in captivity they live a longer life.
Experts believe that there may have been as much as twenty-five thousand to seventy-five thousand Bald Eagles living at the time when the bird was made our national symbol ...

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