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The Atraction of Gangs

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The Atraction of Gangs

The Atraction of Gangs

All throughout the cities of America the urban population is plagued with gang activity and gang violence. This is nothing new. The existence of street gangs in this country has existed for many generations. In some neighborhoods you can find three generations of gang members on any given block. During recent years the membership in such organizations has risen and their population has increased. This is exceptionally true in densely populated areas with low-income housing. Our jail systems from juvenile hall all the way up to state penitentiary are filled with such people.

Parents that live in these areas where gang activity is prevalent should be aware. Your children are susceptible to the influences and dangers that these gangs represent. This is most especially true of families with single parents and working mothers. The lack of a nurturing family environment and parental guidance are some of the key factors in being able to recruit a gang member. If your children don't find the love and support that they so desperately need at home, they may have the tendency to seek it elsewhere.

The attraction of belonging to a gang is becoming more popular among our youths. For some people, especially those that have lived in a gang-infested neighborhood for many years, it is unavoidable. For many they see it as their only future. Yet for others the attraction of belonging to a gang stems from loneliness or a need of belonging. These gangs can provide that sense of belonging.

Not only can a gang provide a sense of belonging. They are structured into a closely-knit family like environment. They are ruled by a well-established hierarchy and provide a peer group in which a member ...

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